How to Check NPS Status Online

That’s the common question we all wanted to know – how to monitor NPS investment or check its status online?  Once the hard earned money started investing into NPS then it is obvious for everyone to know the status of NPS investment. Piratically it is possible to track the NPS investment on one click. The NPS even allows and provided an online option to track the NAV of your investment amount and you can check it on daily basis.

How to track NPS Status?

So the question is how to check the status of NPS Investment? Well, there are 2 ways to track the investment:

  • Using IPIN
  • Toll Free Number

And let me tell you that the above 2 given option hard takes 5 minute to track it.

What is IPIN?

By using your IPIN you can check the status of your account at online portal. The IPIN is nothing but the user name and password of the account that can be accessed on Make sure to not to share the user details with anyone. This  This IPIN is associated with your registered mobile number and can be use in case if you forgot the answer.

Find the Status Online

This is the login page where you will have to use the IPIN (i.e User ID and Password)

Check NPS status by logging into

There are 03 option provided on to the form to check the Annuity quotes, complaint status and NPS status using the receipt number. Choose anyone of the option and it will ask necessary credential to provide relevant information.

How to check status using Toll Free Number?

The CRA provided complete freedom to the investor to contact to the customer support across the world and 24 hours a day. Kindly go to the customer care number page where you can find the toll free number. This toll free number is IVR based that means you can talk to the customer care executives and can know the status of your investment.

Additionally the CRA do send a hard copy of the financial year transaction record on your registered mailing address. And this is also a handy way to check the status of complete financial year transaction and investment.


  • Om Prakash

    I am 48 year old and I am working with autonomous body of central Government of India . I want to open NSP A/C I T-1 for exemption of income 80CCD. Please provide details for opening and take exemption from 80CCD

  • Anil Mowade

    wanted to know my nps account details

  • k k batra

    i am an 53+ age bank employee, Will get pension from bank from the age of 60 years. Can I simultaneously get pension from NPS, tax benefits from investment in NPS over & above investment of Rs.1.50 lacs and what will be tax liability of the amount I will get from NPS on my reaching age of 60.

  • Sujoy Basak

    I am 50 years of age . I am working in Private Company. Can I eligible for open an NPS account?


    SIR MY PRAN NO 500052082705 & MEM NO – G10401163219C
    NLAO REG- NO 8000053

    so need solution for problem

  • Subhajit Saha

    I am 51 years of age . I am working in Private Company. Can I eligible for open an NPS account? If yes where can I open this account?

  • Venu Vodnala

    Dear Sir / Madam

    I am applied for NPS number (Telangana State Government) on 12-01-2017. Till this date not received any message to my mobile phone. Kindly send to inform me also my email address

    Thanking You Sir.

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